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Stainless Steel lancets
◆Model size :L (40*5.5CM)
◆Application: used for blood sampling ( general use products for Hardened Surgical )
◆Advantage:Stainless steel lancet has High quality with a reasonable price
◆Number of use: Single use blood lancet
◆Needle tip Shape: Flat traditional head

Twist Lancets
Specifications: 21G, 23G,26G,28G,30G,32G,33G
◆Universal use:compatible with most lancing devices
◆Sterile:sterilized by gamma radiation
◆Smooth and tri-level needle tip
◆Materials are LDPE and stainless steel needle
◆Easy and safe for user

Adjustable Automatic Lancing Device
Huida-Lancing Devices Assit diabetes patients to monitor their glucose levels,easily and safely with an Adjustable dial,lancing depth can be set to an appropriate level for the individual.Any standard lancet can be used with the device.

Safety Lancets
Specification 18G,21G, 23G,26G,28G,30G
ser safety needle is fully shielded before and after use
Patient safety gamma irradiation,needle protected by safety cap
Easy handling easy to use button operated design,only two or three step operation,requires minimal training for new users.
Patient comfort tribevel and high speed delivery and penetration method minimizes patient pain and clinical error
Sterilization needle tip is sealed with cap through injection moulding
Efficacy variety of point configurations and penetration depths to suit most capillary blood requirements.
Application blood glucose and other in diagnostic tests.
Protection protect the healthcare professionals from the risk of HBV,HCV,HIV

Instruction For Use